• The design is modern and functional. I like how heavy this faucet is. The lever moves smoothly and the water flows beautifully out of the faucet. Nicely made. Good quality!

    TK Seggel

  • This faucet is truly awesome!!! It goes so beautifully with my new gold kitchen sink - they're a perfect match. The faucet is durable, heavy and works so smoothly. It's true what others have said - if you turn it on full the water does come out quite fast and will splash, but because the flow is so good there is no need to turn it on all the way. I could easily see this being used as a contrasting faucet in a contemporary kitchen also - it's just that gorgeous! Highly recommend to anyone looking for that "something different" for their kitchen.

    Melissa P.E.

  • So far two of my friends bought this faucet following my suggestion. Works great, no more greasy handle and kids can open it more easily without trying to reach for the handle. The battery last more or less a year with heavy using. Strongly recommended Touch faucet.

    Stacy Palidwor

  • We absolutely love it!!! It is a beautiful and well-designed faucet that is far less expensive than other brands. The installation was easy and fast. After several weeks of use, we are very pleased with the strong water-pressure provided, the additional spray function is a bonus to have. This was an excellent purchase!

    Maco Dunker